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The price of gas is climbing steadily and you need your car to get to work or other important places. Don’t despair because there are creative and sometimes unusual methods of saving money on gas. Here are some of these methods.

Don’t Drive Unnecessarily

Just because you have a car doesn’t mean that you should take it everywhere at anytime. You want to be selective when choosing which places to drive to during the week so that you will use up a lot of gas. If the supermarket is within walking distance of your house, walk or ride your bike to the supermarket. If there is public transit in your area, ride the bus to work and school so that you will drive less and save money.

Maintain Your Car

You will save plenty of money on gas if you learn how to maintain your car properly. Every few months you should take the car to a mechanic so that he can determine if there are any problems with your car. Another thing you should do is read through your owner’s manual and some online resources so you can learn to troubleshoot and fix minor car issues yourself.

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Fill Gas Tank Up

When you buy a little gas on one day and then buy more gas the next day, you are wasting money on gas everyday. A smarter option would be to fill your tank all the way up so that you will have enough gas in the tank for the next few days. When you visit the gas station, inquire about discounts on gas and if the station has a membership club where you save money on gas, consider this as an option.

Buying Your First Car? Get A Small Car

We know that the bigger the car, the more money you spend on gas each week. If you are buying a car for the first time, get a small car because it best fits with your lifestyle and the smaller cars use up less gas. Most car dealerships offer affordable and stylish small cars and nowadays small cars have neat high tech entertainment features on the inside unlike smaller cars of the past.

Take Shortest Route to Destination

This is something that cab drivers do often but it is something that all drivers should do if they want to save money on gas. You can find the shortest route to a certain destination if you use a GPS device while driving but if you don’t have this device, you can visit an online map service and type in your home address and the address of the place you need to visit.

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No Excess Use of Air Conditioning in Car

Some drivers do not realize that one reason they use up so much gas is because the car’s air conditioner is on nonstop. You want to cut back on air conditioner usage while driving and you can do this by rolling the windows down and letting the winds from outside cool you off as you drive. This is especially a good idea during the fall months when it is not very hot outside or on overcast days when there is no rain.


Cars are a necessity but we can cheapen the amount of money we spend on gas if we use the above mentioned steps. When you save money on gas this frees you up to use your money for more meaningful things such as saving for the future, assisting your church financially, paying current bills and vacations for the family.


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